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Trobár is committed to offering all of our

events on a pay-what-you-can basis. 

Your generous contributions make this possible.

Click here to support our mission!

You can also make out a check contribution to:

Trobar Medieval

3460 Granton Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44111

If you are interested in making a recurring donation, we invite you to join our community on Patreon. By contributing to us monthly, at your chosen amount, you get a behind-the-scenes view and access to our archived podcast episodes. Click this link to find out more!

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our wonderful supporters that have contributed financially and in so many other ways. Thank you, thank you!

Paul Abdullah

Andrew Albin

Julie Andrijeski

Mark Aro

Jacob Aronauer

Avaloch Farm Music Institute

George Bakalar

Jeremy Bass

Sophie Benn

Brian Bennetch

Stephen Bloch

Tracy Brubaker

Devin Burke

Alan Choo

Georgia Cowart

Hannah De Priest

Christie & Michael Dennis

Barbara Domski

Nathan Dougherty

Ross Duffin

David Ellis

Sandra Fleming

Pam and John Gibbon

Ellen Hargis

Andrew Hatfield

Rosemary Heredos

Shira Kammen

Naomi Klarreich

Kathleen and Ben Larson

Addi Liu

Ben Malkevitch

Aaron Manela

David McCormick

Margery Meadow

Robert Mealy

Kim and Tom Monroe

Don and Sharon Mullins

Wendy Mullins and June Valient

Debra Nagy

Don Nash

Charlotte Newman

Anna O'Connell

Derek Olsen

Allen Otte

Karen Owen

Deborah Peters

Steven Plank

Peter Pogacar

Julie Rataezyk

Jeanne and Tim Regan

John Romey

Saint Alban's Episcopal Church

Guillermo Salas-Suárez

Adelaide Schaaf

Daniel Shoskes

Corey Shotwell

Bev Simmons

Wiley Smith

S N Steiner

Donna Stewart and Ron Andrico

Matthew and Jeannette Timmons

Tom and Lisa Wadsworth

Cheryl Weston

Diana and Dave Weston

Ken and Stephany Weston

David Wood

Mark Woodworth

Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Carhart

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