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Trobár is passionate about introducing students in institutions of higher learning to the medieval period - through study and performance of its artistic cultures, particularly musical, literary, or visual.

Trobár has been ensemble in residence at the University of Louisville (2019) and at Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW, 2022).


During these residencies, we guest-lectured in music courses for both music majors and non-majors, led discussion in a medieval literature class, taught some basics of medieval pedagogy to a treble choir, held a vocal masterclass/workshop, and performed free public concerts.

With frequent guest collaborator and new music/improvisatory percussionist Allen Otte, we are currently making plans for more residencies in the 2022-23 season. If you're interested in us working with students at your institution, here are the types of classes we could visit and/or activities we could offer for your students:

Trobár's specialities:


Music history

Music appreciation

Medieval literature

Medieval art history


Allen's specialities:


Percussion class


Music education

Large ensembles

Dalcroze Eurythmics

Workshops offered:

Medieval choral workshop - for choirs of all kinds; introduction to some basics of medieval pedagogy, group singing, reading from early sources, etc.

Monophonic song workshop - for voice studios/students; introduction to the world of early vocal repertoires, especially the troubadour and trouvère traditions, with emphasis on methods of approach, textual study, phrasing, ornamentation, accompaniment, etc.

Chant and liturgy - an exploration of musical practices in medieval liturgies with live examples, manuscript study, and cultural context.

Introduction to Eurythmics - integration of Dalcroze with Tai-chi; an hour of movement for musicians.

Performing social justice - composition and performance skills in the service of current societal issues; Allen's work with the National Innocence Project.

Percussion master classes or coachings - ensemble or individual; history of Blackearth and Percussion Group Cincinnati.

Christine de Pizan and courtly love - an examination of 15th c. perspectives on courtly love through close readings of texts by Christine de Pizan and her contemporaries, including musical settings.

Performances offered:

Allen - mini percussion lecture recital

Trobár - Found in Translation

Bamberg Guidonian Hand 66r_edited.jpg

Members of the ensemble are also on the music faculty at Case Western Reserve University and have taught or guest lectured on medieval music at Cleveland State University, Purdue University (Fort Wayne), Fordham University, Fairmont State University ( West Virginia), the Siegal Lifelong Learning Center, and Interlochen Lifelong Arts Learning's Early Music Workshop.

Please contact us if you're interested in us visiting your institution.

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