Friday, Sep. 17th, 7 pm: Tucker Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Saturday, Sep. 18th, 8 pm: Hildebrandt Artist Collective 

Love. Romantic love, familial love, religious love - in any age, its course never does run smooth. Devotion, conflict, separation, entreaty, and restoration pepper the epic struggle between love and power. In wrestling with these forces, humans tend to express themselves through art, especially in poetry and song, and the people of the Iberian peninsula in the 12th and 13th centuries were no strangers to these expressions. Within the spoken and sung words that survive, we can see the common thread of humanity’s struggle with love winding throughout Iberian thought, whether sacred or secular, personal or communal, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. In this program, Trobár manifests disparate voices of medieval Iberia as they grapple with the dynamics of love and power. For this concert, Trobár will be joined by Sian Ricketts (vocals, winds) and Allen Otte (percussion).


Friday, Feb. 11th, 7 pm: Tucker Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Saturday, Feb. 12th, 8 pm: Hildebrandt Artist Collective

Featuring music from our upcoming album, recorded August 2021, this not-so-traditional Valentine’s Day program explores themes of dialogue and viewpoint in early 15th-century French love songs. Il Dit / Elle Dit includes works with two or three equal high voices, in the formes fixes as well as canons and through-composed pieces. Frequently, these voices exhibit an equality of role, trading off contrapuntal functions, and sometimes even with dialogic texts sung concurrently. Set alongside chansons with more standard musical layouts and instrumental tracks, performed by a mix of voices, vielle, rebec, harp, and flute, we hope to paint a picture of French courtly love from multiple perspectives.

Friday, May 20th, 7 pm: Tucker Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Saturday, May 21st, 8 pm:
Hildebrandt Artist Collective 
In this sequel to our 2019 program, we recount the lives and re-enact the art of the troubadours, both in the original Occitan and in English translations by modern poets, capturing the immediacy and vitality of the texts as experienced by their first audiences.

Trobár announces three in-person programs for its 2021-22 Season!

This season's venues:

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

2747 Fairmount Blvd

Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

suggested donation: $20/10 for students

The Hildebrandt Building

3619 Walton Ave

Cleveland, OH 44113

suggested donation: $15/7 for students

Each performance will be followed by an informal drinks reception with the musicians. At the Hildebrandt we encourage you to bring a beverage to enjoy responsibly yourself, and to share with others!

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