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Harley 4431 - Christine writing - hi-res

We've made a track from our upcoming album available now, and for free! You can stream it from your favorite site (just click on "Get Single") or even download it. Keep scrolling for translations of each track. Plus, if you like what you hear and can't wait for the album, we've put together a playlist of our suggested listening. Enjoy!

Or est venu

By Christine de Pizan

Translated by Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart

Now has come the pleasant and merry
Month of May, when there is so much sweetness,
And these orchards, these bushes and these woods
Are greening everywhere at the same time.
And all things rejoice.
Among the fields everything blossoms and sprouts,
And no care troubles anything,
In the sweetness of the pretty month of May.

These little birds sing their hearts out,
Everything rejoices at the same time,
Except for me, alas! I suffer so much sorrow
For being far from my love,
And I cannot have any joy,
And the merrier the season, the more I pine.
But now I can tell for sure if I was ever in love,
From the sweetness of the pretty month of May.

Often full of regret and tears,
I miss him, who gives me no relief.
And I feel the worst pangs of love,
The worst stinging, attacks and tricks,
In this sweet season, than I have ever felt,
And I am driven all crazy by
The great desire that I feel stronger than ever
In the sweetness of the pretty month of May.

"La belle se siet"

By Guillaume Dufay

Translated by Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart

The fair lady sits at the foot of the tower,

Weeping and sighing, and feeling great pain.


Her father asks her, "Daughter, what is wrong? 

Do you want a husband, or do you want a lord?"


"I do not want a husband, I do not want a lord,

I want my own lover, who is rotting in the tower."


"By God, fair daughter, you will not get him,

For he will be hanged tomorrow at dawn."


"Then father, if he is hanged, bury me next to him,

So people will say: here is true love.”